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Box Pallet(chrome-free)

Basic type ideal for storage and transportation of various items

Strong, durable and light. Stackable to ensure efficient use of space. Pallets can be folded when not in use, ensuring savings on return shipping costs of empty pallets.Pallets are required to function in various ways according to size and shape of contents and place of use.Our box pallet series provides a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Stackability means efficient use of space.
With standard capacities, they can be
stacked up to
4 layers high (except certain models).
The stacked pallets can be used
as storage shelves.

* Pallets should not be stacked over
the maximum number of layers.
* All gate panels should be closed when
pallets are stacked high.

Strong, durable and light.
Steel rods are welded together in a grid pattern. Mass is
spread equally, meaning the pallets are light but strong.
Designed for ease of use with forklift trucks
Pallets can be moved with a forklift truck without re-packing.For ease of use in small spaces, the fork can be inserted from 8 different
When casters are attached, pallets can be used as carts.
Optional wheels can be attached to
use the pallets as carts. Pallets can be
stacked with wheels attached.
* Sufficient space must be left above
the top of the pallet contents
Pallets are made from environmentally friendly chrome-free materials.
Easily foldable, ensuring savings on return shipping of empty pallets.
Easily foldable when not in use,
and pallets do not take up
storage space.
This considerably reduces
costs of return shipping of empty pallets.
Assembling and Folding Up Mesh Box Pallets
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  • Name Plate

    A name plate can be attached to ensure smooth production management.

  • Runner

    deal for roller conveyor belts etc.

  • Top Cover

    Ideal for transport of valuable items or easily-scattered goods. (Can also be used for collecting refuse.)

  • Lining

    deal for transport and storage of fragile or small items.

  • Wheeled Platform

    Allows for easy mobility.

  • Wheels

    Attaching wheels makes the pallet

  • Fork Guide

    Ideal for use with rotating forklift.

  • Colored Finish

Box Pallet(chrome-free) Specification

Capacity and stacking height guidelines must be strictly adhered to. (Please read the manual before use.)
In the interests of safety, do not open the gate while the pallets are stacked.
We can also supply non-standard sizes (subject to minimum order numbers).
Exterior dimensions are not outermost dimensions